After being kicked around for a while, 'Season of the Witch' -- originally scheduled as one of 2010's dumbest cheesefests -- will now be one of 2011's. You expect that a movie starring Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman as medieval knights seeking to destroy a witch would be a lively, dopey train wreck, and in that regard it does not disappoint.

This is the kind of movie that entrepreneurs had in mind when they started opening theaters that serve alcohol. It's the kind of movie that 'Mystery Science Theater' would heckle, and that the SyFy Channel would play constantly between showings of 'Mystery Science Theater.' This is how 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' would have turned out if it had been funny unintentionally instead of intentionally.

Cage and Perlman star as Behmen and Felson, two 14th-century Crusaders who cheerfully administer death to infidels (i.e., non-Catholics) while trading one-liners, 'Bad Boys'-style. After a long day of battle, the buddies like to unwind by drinking ale and cavorting with wenches. Sure, they're knights on a holy errand from God. But they're also just a couple of bros!
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Season of the Witch
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