When you sit down to view a film, what separates the wheat from the chaff? What is it that makes you feel passionate about one film and quickly forget another? And in a greater sense, if you're passionate about cinema as a whole, what inspired your cinephilia? What piqued your interest and devotion to the art of cinema?

Was it your emotions?

In a discussion of 'The Fighter,' as part of Slate's yearly Movie Club roundtable, Matt Zoller Seitz uses the divide between the critic and the casual moviegoer to discuss the gateway into cinephilia. He rightly argues that "viewers won't give a damn about the aesthetic, political and social components of filmgoing if we don't open the door of personal response -- emotion, minus the whithers and wherefores and qualifiers, the wearily above-it-all routine -- to lead them to a consideration of films outside their comfort zones."

Is it that simple (or complex)?
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