Cinematical is happy to share this exclusive poster for Pablo Trapero's'Carancho.' From the helmer of the Golden Palm-nominated 'Lion's Den,' 'Carancho' features the excellent Ricardo Darin as Sosa, a morally challenged personal injury attorney who likes to chase ambulances. After crossing paths with the country doctor Lujan (Martina Gusman) on a number of occasions, the two get involved and things get hairy. From the official synopsis: "With traffic accidents as the number one cause of deaths in Argentina, bodies are currency and a black market strives to get rich from the personal tragedies that literally litter the streets."

The film hit a number of festivals this year including Cannes and TIFF, it's Argentina's official selection for this year's Best Foreign Language Film Oscar and the film inspired Todd Brown at Twitch to call it "a masterful piece of work" that's "pretty damn close" to flawless. Need we say more? Be sure to check it out next month when Strand releases it on February 11, 2011.

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