If you're jonesing for "nine reels of 1970's horrifying drive-in satanic smashing, cheerleader-bleeding mayhem," then look no further! Creepy Six Films' latest offering follows a group of heavenly bodies as they pack their pom poms and head into the woods for a girls only retreat. Beer, breasts and bloodletting follows when the cheerleaders meet a few mysterious ... and violent strangers. God's girls go wild and transform into satanic sluts seeking revenge -- because that's what any good exploitation flick is all about.

'Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan' is a new, nine-part web series from Vince D'Amato (reels one and two have already been released -- watch them here) that is very NSFW, but understands your need for gore, sex and devilry. The series is connected to D'Amato's feature film, 'The Hard Cut,' which features 'Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan' in its storyline as the lost film a detective tries to track down to help uncover the details of a missing-persons case.

Fake exploitation trailers seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but if you dig sleazy, grindhouse classics they're hard to pass up -- especially when satan is involved -- and this one looks like hella fun. Lusty cheerleaders and satanic shenanigans await you below. Watch at work at your own risk, because it might really upset your cubicle neighbors.