When news broke last month that Hilary Swank's latest film, a horror movie entitled 'The Resident,' would go straight to DVD in the States many of us wondered what this meant for the revival of Hammer Films. The venerable British horror studio was a driving force in fright flicks in the '60s and '70s thanks to a barrage of classic films featuring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Things haven't gone quite as swimmingly for the revamped Hammer – their first film, 'Let Me In' (a remake of foreign hit 'Let the Right One In'), earned critical praise but sank at the box office. Now, 'The Resident' – a film with a 20 million dollar budget and a cast that includes Oscar winner Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Christopher Lee - can't even land theatrical distribution. Those are two gigantic blows to a small company.

That's bad enough, but what's even more troubling is what this says about the current state of Hilary Swank's career. Swank's place in the pantheon of great actresses seems assured (two Best Actress Oscars will do that...), but since she took home Academy gold for her 2004 performance in 'Million Dollar Baby,' it's been a long, slow descent into cinematic mediocrity. In some ways, she almost feels like the female version of Nic Cage – only with a lot less scene chewing. A series of puzzling film choices mixed with blatant attempts to woo Oscar voters have left many wondering what's going on in the Swank camp.

We don't have the definitive answer, but hit the jump to take a look at the trailer for 'The Resident,' Swank's recent work and our attempt at figuring out how to get this classy actress back on track.
The Resident
In Theaters on February 18th, 2011

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