Email is more convenient, but one thing it generally lacks in comparison to old-fashioned letter writing is personality. As evidence, take a gander at the stationery of movie stars and other celebrities, mostly pre-Internet. For about a year now, the blog Letterheady has been posting images of the blank papers of famous people, productions and companies, including those of Abraham Lincoln and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The latter is disappointingly minimal in its design in comparison to the colorful 'Up'-like design of Richard Simmons and the cartoon-filled stationery of Walt Disney and Charles M. Schultz. Groucho Marx's paper is also quite lacking when contrasted against his brother Harpo's, which is filled with ironic blurbs about him, as well as separate images of the man in real life, captioned "at home," and when he's "being funny."

Not all the letterheads are old. 'Harry Potter' author J.K. Rowling is represented more recently with her stars and spiders and "By Owl Post"-stamped stationery. Pixar is in there too, with varitions on their logo depending on the production of the moment (one features Nemo in place of the lamp; another features the 'Incredibles' "i" logo).