In honor of Nicolas Cage week, we've been sifting through the man's prepostorously long filmography in order to determine the ten best and worst films he's appeared in. This is no simple task. The highs are some of the better movies of the past few decades, and the lows are -- well, they're pretty low. As the man turns 47 years old today, we can only hope that the next four-plus decades are filled with an array of his movies as wildly uneven as the first.

When compiling the list, we tried to focus mostly on the Cage's more noteworthy performances -- so, even though it was awesome in its own right, his cameo in 'Fast Times At Ridgmont High' doesn't qualify for a spot on the "best" list. We also limited it to movies we'd actually seen, meaning that 'Season of The Witch,' which opens today, also doesn't count. (Cage told us this week that the script was "marvelous," so who knows?) Nonetheless, if you disagree with some of our picks, let us know in the comments.
Valley Girl
In Theaters on January 11th, 2002

Funny-talking California girl (Deborah Foreman) falls for punk rocker (Nicolas Cage). Read More

Trapped In Paradise
In Theaters on December 2nd, 1994

Bank robbers (Nicolas Cage, Jon Lovitz, Dana Carvey) foiled by niceness in Paradise, Pa. Read More

Based on 40 critics

A screenwriter (Nicolas Cage) asks his twin for advice about a story. Read More

City Of Angels
Based on 22 critics

An angel considers becoming human after falling in love with a Los Angeles heart surgeon (Meg Ryan). Read More

Leaving Las Vegas
Based on 23 critics

A man (Nicolas Cage) drinking himself to death finds solace with a hooker (Elisabeth Shue). Read More

The Weather Man
Based on 37 critics

A forecaster (Nicolas Cage) tries to reconnect with his loved ones (Michael Caine, Hope Davis). Read More

Ghost Rider
Based on 20 critics

A motorcycle stuntman (Nicolas Cage) who sold his soul becomes a supernatural agent of vengeance. Read More

The Rock
Based on 24 critics

Escapee (Sean Connery) leads Navy SEALs to rebel soldiers on Alcatraz. Read More

The Wicker Man
Based on 19 critics

A lawman (Nicolas Cage) finds sinister forces at work as he searches for a missing child. Read More

Bangkok Dangerous
Based on 16 critics

On assignment in Thailand, a hit man, instead, mentors a street punk and woos a local shop girl. Read More

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Based on 26 critics

Ben Gates must prove his ancestor was not involved in the assassination of President Lincoln. Read More

Knowing: with Spanish Subtitles
Based on 27 critics

A professor (Nicolas Cage) and his son obtain a 50-year-old document that lists future disasters. Read More

Wild At Heart
Based on 18 critics

Lovers Sailor (Nicolas Cage) and Lula (Laura Dern) head for California. Read More

Face / Off
Based on 25 critics

An FBI agent (John Travolta) and his nemesis (Nicolas Cage) trade physical identities. Read More

Honeymoon In Vegas
In Theaters on August 28th, 1992

A gambler wins a Hawaii fling with a private eye's bride during a convention of Elvis impersonators. Read More

Amos & Andrew
In Theaters on December 31st, 1992

A car thief helps inept police when they overreact to reports of a burglar in the home of an author. Read More

Raising Arizona
Based on 13 critics

Loser (Nicolas Cage) and wife (Holly Hunter) kidnap quintuplet from store magnate. Read More

Snake Eyes
Based on 24 critics

A corrupt detective and his Navy friend probe a U.S. official's assassination at a boxing match. Read More

Based on 17 critics

An Italian-American widow (Cher) loves her fiance's brother (Nicolas Cage). Read More

Based on 35 critics

A Marine (Nicolas Cage) protects a Navajo code transmitter (Adam Beach) in World War II. Read More