We interrupt your 'Star Wars' blu-ray celebrations for a grumpy little rant.

It's a complaint you've heard fairly often, especially if you've recently seen a documentary called 'The People Vs. George Lucas,' and that complaint is this: I do not LIKE the "special edition" versions of 'Star Wars' (1977), 'Empire Strikes Back' (1980), and 'Return of the Jedi' (1983). Yes, they're the "same" as the original theatrical cuts for the most part -- but they're also coated with new digital junk and pointless little distractions.

Originally created for a money-grab re-release, the "special editions" are anything but. It makes sense that Lucas Inc. would release "new-fangled" 'Star Wars' gimmicks for financial reasons, and that's fine. But why in the freaking universe have these revisionist versions become the "real" versions? Mr. Lucas says that because the fancy technology he wanted in the late '70s and early '80s didn't exist at the time, he's now completely justified in tossing the theatrical cuts into the garbage bin.

He's wrong.
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