-- Here's a scanned photo of Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt (aka Red Skull) in 'Captain America: The First Avenger.' Can you Marvel geeks guess what he's holding in his hand? [via SFX Magazine, courtesy of Comic Book Movie]

-- David E. Kelley's proposed 'Wonder Women' TV show isn't going to happen anytime soon after failing to land a deal with any of the major networks for various reasons (the high budget played a factor, while others were just too indecisive). The script may still be used in the future, and a big-screen version is likely to happen at some point down the line.

-- In a livestream interview with the New York Times (via Slashfilm), Trent Reznor admitted that he'll be scoring David Fincher's adaptation of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.' He's been working on it for about six weeks now, and says we should expect something very different from his score for 'The Social Network.'

-- In a press release sent out yesterday, Elijah Wood was officially confirmed to be starring in Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit,' though we're still unsure of how big of a role he'll be playing.

-- Despite rumors that Andy Samberg and Johnny Knoxville were among those shortlisted for roles in 'The Three Stooges' movie, the film's co-writer Peter Farrelly told EW that it's still "wide open to everybody," meaning they haven't selected anyone to play anything yet.

-- More debunking took place at 'The Dilemma' junket yesterday where Ivan Reitmanclaimed that everything we think we know about 'Ghostbusters 3' is false since the script was just turned in. That said, the main structure of the film -- including the original cast passing the torch to a younger crop of Ghostbusters -- still seems to be the case.
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