Back in October it was revealed that 'The Hunger Games' film adaptation was going to be stamped not with an R, but a PG-13 rating -- and outrage ensued. Yes, Suzanne Collins' entire series is for young adults, but for anyone who's read the books – young or old – you know that the kids of Panem don't play nice; they're fighting for their lives.

After posting the news here on Cinematical, we got tons of angry responses, one of which going as far as to say, "This book is not appropriate for twelve year olds, but unfortunately, too many parents lack the spine to say so," and another posting, "This book is nothing without its brutality. Unless the slaughter of those ten innocent kids is shown in the movie, the audience won't understand why a revolution is needed." However, we also got quite a few readers defending the PG-13 ruling: "The books are already PG-13. They're totally innocuous and lacking in much action and certainly any adult themes. The books seem tailored to a PG-13." Another pointed out, "I grew up on G movies that killed more horribly."
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