For those who were stuck in a football coma all weekend, you may have missed Jim Carrey's buzzed-about return to 'Saturday Night Live.' Say what you want about the show and its inconsistencies, but you know you're always promised a few laughs whenever Jim Carrey stops by. As per usual, the actor strapped on his typical crazy face and went to work -- dishing out a few hits, a few misses and one movie-related highlight that may actually help the film as we head into the final stretch of Oscar season.

Yes, we're talking about 'Black Swan.' In a sketch that was probably funnier for people who've seen the film, Carrey helped recreate a scene from Darren Aronofksy's awards favorite by taking on the role of Mila Kunis' character, the devilishly seductive Black Swan. Hilarity (and tons of typical Jim Carrey hijinks ensues).

This wasn't the only fun Carrey performance of the night (we sort of liked 'The Worst of Soul Train' sketch the best), but we're curious to see how you think it stacks up against Carrey's other great SNL performances. After the jump check out out two of our all-time favorite Jim Carrey SNL moments (hints: Jacuzzi and Roxbury), then tell us which sketch you think belongs at the top of the list.
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