''The Dilemma'' co-stars Vince Vaughn and Kevin James sat down with director Ron Howard to talk about Howard's return to comedy, working with dramatic actresses and the source for Vaughn's improvisational talents.

It's been a while since Howard directed a comedy. The idea for the movie came from dinner conversations about the premise of catching your friend's spouse with another lover. Howard couldn't pass up the project after hearing reactions to the topic. He also added, "If I'm going to do another comedy, why not play with the Hall of Famers."

When asked what it was like for a comedian to work with dramatic actresses like Winona Ryder and Jennifer Connelly, Kevin described his experience: "I was learning from them and the comedy was coming from the scene ... the script itself was getting the laughs so ... just play it as real as possible." He didn't feel the need to coach or exaggerate, instead he aimed to "get lost in the scene with them" because "the comedy just comes or it doesn't."

Howard sang praises to Vaughn's talent. "I've never worked with an actor who's more brilliant improvisationally," he said, which sparked a discussion about the source of comedic talent. "Like anyone, the stuff that's easier for you, you kind of spend more time with and the stuff that's difficult, you use what you're good at to avoid doing," Vaughn said.

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