These days it's all about finding the most creative ways to make a movie. Yesterday we brought you the news that Park Chan-wook has become the most well-known director to film a movie (albeit a 30-minute short) using only the iPhone 4. Now we bring you the news (as well as the entire film) of a French director who literally created a full-length feature within the world of the 'Grand Theft Auto' video game.

Titled 'GTAIV: The Trashmaster', filmmaker Mathieu Weschler brings us a dark, action-packed thriller about a garbage man who begins hunting a serial killer after all his favorite dancers at the local strip club are killed. Okay, not exactly the most inspired storyline, but then again the world of GTA doesn't exactly give you much to work with aside from seedy criminals and trashy street-walkers.

Commenters seem to dig the film so far, saying "It's like a Guy Ritchie film at the start and all Michael Bay at the end ... very impressive." The film is in English, and the director brought on one actor (Matt Challands) to voice most of the main characters.

You can check out the entire film after the jump, though we must warn you that it's NSFW and includes foul language.
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