In the beginning, our commenting system was pretty solid, but nothing stellar. And then, later, it got a bit more complicated. As a matter of fact, among all the complaints we paid attention to because they were polite (or at least civil), our commenting system was probably the biggest gripe-getter. (Aside from that haircut Erik Davis got last June.)

But the powers that be can also be powerfully helpful, and they've heard those complaints. We're pleased to announce that the Moviefone & Cinematical comment sections are now much smoother, quicker, and all-around user-friendlier. The truth is this: we consider the comments section(s) to be an integral part of the experience here. Of course we want you to read (and perhaps share) our articles, but we also want to stroll through the comments to find:

1. Like-minded opinions.
2. Insightful discourse.
3. Civilized debate.
4. Amusing anecdotes.
4. Constructive criticisms on numerical errors.
5. Tips to other stories, blogs and sources.
6. Banana bread recipes.
7. Questions / feedback / requests from our readership to our writing and editorial staff.