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I went into Michel Gondry's'The Green Hornet' knowing next to nothing about the Green Hornet. I have vague memories of the masked vigilante guest-starring on the 1960's 'Batman' TV show, and I've been semi-aware that he's popped up in comic books from time to time over the years. I know he has a really cool sidekick (Kato, played in the new film by Jay Chou), but beyond that? Nothing.

Because of my general lack of knowledge, I can't really say if Seth Rogen, as the co-screenwriter, producer, and title star of 'The Green Hornet' was faithful to the original 1936 radio material, but the movie sure was a blast to watch. 'The Green Hornet' has a loose, anything-goes energy that recalls the action-comedies that seemed to arrive like clockwork every summer during the 1990s. Will the die-hard fans appreciate it? I'm not sure. Better question: Are there any such thing as die-hard Green Hornet fans?

The first thing I did after seeing the movie was roll up my sleeves and dig deep into the internet to find out a little bit more about the mythos of The Green Hornet...
The Green Hornet
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