This weekend, excited fanboys and curious movie buffs alike will head to the theater to check out the newest superhero movie extravaganza, 'The Green Hornet.' For most of us, though, there's just one little question nagging at the back of our mind: What the heck is a green hornet, anyway?

The confusion is understandable, considering that the trailers and commercials for 'The Green Hornet' have been running side-by-side with ads and promotions for this summer's superhero film 'Green Lantern' -- who isn't exactly a household name either (at least in homes devoid of comic-book collectors). It's enough to give even the most hardcore comic geek a headache; thank goodness Green Arrow doesn't have a movie this year or else nobody would have any idea what the heck was going on.

Don't worry, though, because we've gathered together all the facts you'll need in order sort through this cineplex confusion. So check out our guide to 'The Green Hornet' -- and head to the theater with confidence.
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The Green Hornet
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May 2, 2018
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