When was the last time that a big-budget Hollywood flick was marketed with the style and savvy with which 'Battle: Los Angeles' has been systematically revealed to the masses? Ever since Comic-Con last July, Columbia Pictures has quietly worked to ensure that Jonathan Liebsman's alien invasion blockbuster would be the event picture of the spring season. It's too early to tell whether or not their coolly elegant campaign will pay off at the box office (we bet it will), but the string of snazzy trailers they've released have guaranteed that movie fans the world over are seriously excited to see this thing. And now Columbia has dropped the longest trailer yet, an 150-second stunner which really proves beyond a doubt that this is a movie in which aliens battle people for Los Angeles.

Check it out for yourself after the jump! But beware the potential spoilers of a full-length trailer.
Battle: Los Angeles Movie Poster
Battle: Los Angeles
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