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"They don't make movies like they used to." That complaint gets thrown around a lot, and while all you hip, with-it young people may think it's nothing more than the bitter rantings of some old geezer who can't handle all the cool, totally awesome movies coming out, the new video "A Brief History of Conspicuous Product Placement in Movies" proves that in fact, they do not make movies like they used to.

Put together by Oliver Noble and rest of the hilarious team over at FilmDrunk, this video examines cinema's long love affair with dropping gigantic obvious commercials in the middle of movie scenes; it's a phenomenon that started all the way back in the silent era and has reached wonderful new heights in today's modern film world. Check out the video after the jump, and watch all the ways you are constantly bombarded with advertising -- including a pit-stop at a certain '90s romantic comedy and its use of a (cough, cough) certain website.
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