Hollywood's highest paid teen actor of 2010 is looking to secure his title for 2011. Taylor Lautner -- otherwise known as the stoic abs of the 'Twilight' franchise -- hasn't even turned 19 yet, but everyone wants a piece of him and they're willing to pay top dollar. No one is certain if the kid has a lick of talent beyond playing teen wolf, Jacob Black, but the rest of the 'Twilight' crew seems to have a few tricks up their sleeve outside of the sparkly vamp saga. Perhaps there's hope?

Deadline was scoop deville today, dishing up the skinny on Lautner's plans once he's finished shooting 'Breaking Dawn' this spring, and it appears that his dance card is full well into 2012. Last month we brought you news of Lautner being cast in the big-screen version of Catherine Fisher's YA sci-fi/fantasy novel, 'Incarceron.' The actor plays a prisoner with no memory and whose lady love is suffering an equally cruel fate -- trapped in a time warped manor house. Right now they're trying to cast his love interest, with Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson leading the way.