It's hard to imagine the 80's TV series 'Dynasty' without hulking, bedazzled shoulder pads, a feathered, Aqua Net-heavy coiffure and Joan Collins' glossy sneer, but the soap opera is being brought to the big screen -- 'Mad Men' style. 'Dynasty' creators Richard and Esther Shapiro are trading the age of excess for the 1960s in order to trace the roots of the show's characters.

The Shapiros are anxious to explore the saga of the wealthy Denver family in the oil business without the constraints of a small budget TV series. "In the movie, if we want to have some James Bond style action, we can afford to do that. If we want to have a steamy love scene, we can do that. If we want to go a few steps beyond what they would allow on 1980s TV, we can move ahead those few steps, and then some," Richard Shapiro added.
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