Sometimes, our favorite movies feel so complete, so perfect, that we forget they were forged by a team of people who had to make thousands of decisions to bring them to fruition. The name of a character, what they choose to do, how they choose to do it and ultimately, whether or not they meet their maker by the time the credits roll, are deliberate choices made by a team of creative professionals. Sure, they may seem like simple enough decisions, but these are the things that absolutely define the content of a film.

Den of Geek has compiled an excellent list of characters who were originally intended to shuffle off their mortal coils but got last minute reprieves for a variety of reasons. Some of them, like Han Solo in 'Return of the Jedi,' are pretty well known, but others, like Joker in 'Full Metal Jacket,' are surprising. A screenwriter is God of his own personal domain and his decision on who lives and who dies can permanently alter a film's content and legacy.

How about we step into those "God" shoes and have some fun? Let's travel back in time, thrust ourselves into the productions of a few classic (and not so classic) films and demand that a character be saved from a written death. It could be a bad decision, it could even ruin the film (or maybe it'll save it), but since this is purely hypothetical time travel, let's just see what happens.

Oh, and SPOILERS, obviously.
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