Marketing movies can be very tricky, and the three films featured in this post are certainly some tough sells. Even if two of them are already proven hits with audiences and the other is an inspirational true story quite akin to the much-talked-about current release '127 Hours.' Oh, nevermind, people still aren't really flocking to that terrific movie about Aron Ralston's survival story. They're apparently just talking about it and likely worrying that they might pass out if they go see it.

'127 Hours' has some sort of connection to all three of the following upcoming films, which include the latest Werner Herzog documentary, 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams,' relative because its employment of 3-D to accentuate rock formations makes you wish Danny Boyle's movie did the same, and the indie dramedy 'HappyThankYouMorePlease,' which co-stars '127 Hours' actress Kate Mara. It's 'Soul Surfer' that will be most easily compared, though, for a reason you're sure to know if you're familiar with the story of Bethany Hamilton.

Let's look at the trailer for 'Soul Surfer' first, after the jump, and we'll see how its potentially off-putting plot is completely shielded by the marketers in charge of cutting the thing.
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