After spending a tremendous amount of money reviving 'TRON' and turning it into a new franchise, apparently Disney does not want to give up on it yet, despite the fact that 'TRON: Legacy' didn't exactly land in theaters with a "Wow!" but more of a "Okay, that was kinda cool, I guess." AICN claims the studio is "incredibly close" to announcing a sequel to 'Legacy,' which, despite the mixed reception, is still about to cross the $300 million mark in worldwide box office grosses.

As a brand, it makes sense. If 'TRON: Legacy' did anything right, it introduced a whole new audience to a very fun and unique world to play around in. Like George Lucas did with 'Star Wars,' Disney plans to launch an animated TV show called 'TRON: Uprising', which will star Elijah Wood and arrive in 2012 in order to keep the brand alive and kicking till we get to the next film, which, if announced soon, will probably arrive in 2013 or 2014.

Our question to you: Does this new updated version of 'TRON' have enough legs to become Disney's next big live-action franchise? What would they need to do with the sequel in order to hold your attention and turn you into a devoted fan? Better story? Better 3D? Better acting? Sound off below ...

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