The movie career of Andy Samberg is about to take a big jump or a massive belly flop; either way he's about to earn a nice paycheck. The Hollywood Reporter indicates that the endlessly profitable Adam Sandler and the endearingly weird Andy Samberg are about to team up for 'I Hate You, Dad,' and here's the pitch:

A father dislikes his son's fiancee.

This dazzling scenario comes from first-timer David Caspe and some inevitably hilarious polishing work from David Wain and Ken Marino, two formerly "State" members who also work on movies now. Sandler's Happy Madison (along with Columbia Pictures) has yet to decide on a director, but all Mr. Sandler has to do is check by his poolside: I'm sure Dennis Dugan or Frank Coraci are napping out there at this very moment.

(Please forgive the derisive tone of this piece, but I'm convinced that Sandler has long since given up trying. Have you seen 'Grown Ups'? Wow. And Sandler used to do what Samberg does now -- weird, creative, sometimes subversive comedy stuff -- so it'd be a shame to see the younger comedian starring in 'Grown Ups 2' someday.)
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