As long as humans have been telling myths and worshipping deities, we've dreamed up alternate universes -- lands inhabited by gods, demons and all manner of sensational beings. In more recent times, with the rise of quantum mechanics and science fiction, alternate universes have become a lot more recognizable. Instead of wildly differing and imaginative worlds, many are much like ours, with just minimal changes proffering a slightly askew version of reality.

And this is where cinema comes into play. In a world much like ours, but just a little bit different, how would Hollywood's output change? Would certain films get made the moment they're dreamed up, or be written earlier, by different people? Who would play the parts?

If Sean Hartter's vision is even remotely accurate, forget travels to a boringly vast and empty moon or regular ol' outerspace. Science needs to find a way for us to see Hollywood's alternate reality.
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