Twitter has become a place that can (arguably) make or break a movie. It's become a home for a film critic's first reaction (especially at film festivals), and some of the most heated film-related debates (not to mention petty little arguments) occur there on a daily basis. So if a film is popular on Twitter, does that mean it's going to cash in big at the box office? No, not necessarily, since Twitter -- as much as we'd like to see it as the center of everyone's universe -- is simply not that big a deal to a great majority of the moviegoing public (if it was, films like 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' would've killed at the box office). Still, though, it's fun to see which films receive the most hype on Twitter, if only to get a solid read on the types of people using the social network day in and day out.

Ad Age put together an interesting list featuring the top movies discussed on Twitter that aren't in theaters yet. The number one slot went to 'The Hobbit,' which seemed to be in the news every other day due to its various pre-production woes. Coming in at number two, surprisingly, was the recently announced 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' remake, proving (if anything) that folks are still thirsting for more Buffy.

Fanboys, prepare yourselves for battle because Zack Snyder's 'Superman: The Man of Steel' (in the third spot) was more popular than 'The Dark Knight Rises' (in the fourth spot). Oh it's on!
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