It's really hard to tell who's better at making awesomely terrible movies – SyFy or The Asylum. Even the most exacting scientific standards have failed to discern a winner; after all, how does one quantify the level of excellence in a film like 'Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus' when compared to 'Sharktopus?' Trying to resolve such a complex question makes quantum physics look like an episode of 'Sesame Street.' Our best scientific minds have thrown their hands up in defeat when faced with such a complex conundrum. Fortunately, we may not have to wonder anymore – because as these new pictures from 'Mega Python vs. Gatoroid' prove, the power of SyFy and The Asylum combined makes the whole question moot.

It's the battle to end all battles in this film – not the snake versus the alligator-esque monster, but the showdown between stars Debbi Gibson and Tiffany. That's right, we're finally going to see the fight to the death pre-teen girls clamored for in the 1980s – the giant CGI monsters are just an undercard match to set the stage for the main event featuring two titans to teenybop pop music squaring off for supremacy (or irrelevancy) once and for all. Each brawler brings her previous Asylum film experience to the fight – Gibson from her work in 'Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus,' Tiffany from 'Mega Piranha.' Who will win and what will be left of them? Only time will tell.

[via Arrow in the Head]
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