If this isn't one of the craziest stories you hear all week, then you must be hanging around some pretty freaky people because this one is a doozy. In Wes Anderson's hilarious adaptation of Roald Dahl's 'Fantastic Mr. Fox,' George Clooney voices Mr. Fox, a daring, inventive, thinking-man's fox who must help defend his friends and family against a group of farmers looking to retaliate against the foxes for stealing all their stuff.

In real life, this sort of stuff happens all the time. Foxes are sneaky, and they like to cause trouble. But one fox hunter found himself at the hospital with a gun shot wound after he, well, messed with the wrong fox (cue Alexandre Desplat's "Stunt Expo 2004"). According to a Reuters story, a wounded fox somehow found a way to shoot his (or her) attacker during a bit of a brawl in the woods somewhere outside of Moscow, Russia.

The hunter had wounded the fox from a distance, and when he got up close to finish the job (so to speak), the fox retaliated, began attacking the hunter, and managed to pull the trigger with its paw, shooting the man in the leg. The fox then made its escape, while the hunter made his way to the hospital to treat the bullet wound. Somewhere, right now, that fox is smiling ... and so are we.
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