Welcome to Adventures in B-Movie Land, the monthly column where I take a look at some of the strangest, cheapest and worst films ever made ... and explore why you have to see them. Look for new entries during the second week of every month.

The Motion Pictures:

'Glen or Glenda' (1953), 'Jail Bait' (1954), 'Bride of the Monster' (1955), 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' (1958) and 'Night of the Ghouls' (1959).

Also Known As...

'I Led Two Lives,' 'He or She?,' 'I Changed My Sex,' 'The Hidden Face,' 'Bride of the Atom,' 'Graverobbers From Outer Space' and 'Revenge of the Dead.'

Featuring the Talented...

The legendary (and at the time, completely forgotten) Bela Lugosi, the incomprehensible Swedish wrestler Tor Johnson, the incredibly inaccurate psychic Criswell, Wood's long-suffering girlfriend Dolores Fuller, Ed Wood himself and a true cavalcade of amazing weirdos.

What Are They?

A collection of some of the worst films ever made, spanning from science fiction schlock to horror knock-offs to staid crime thrillers to semi-educational, exploitative looks at sex change and transvestism. Each of them are awful, unintentionally hilarious and infinitely charming and lovable in their B-movie dopiness, proof that even the worst films ever made can ooze personality and energy.
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