Red State

For movie buffs, reading the concise descriptions of the films in advance of the opening of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival is like spring training for baseball fans: anything is possible. We tend to be optimistic around these parts; we're hoping that every film will be a home run and make it into theaters. That's not realistic, though, and so we've carefully read, reflected, and held our finger up to the wind to hone the list of films down to the 10 most likely to hit theaters this year.

Notes and Disclaimers: This list is highly subjective, based on reading the official film guide (from which we've quoted below), noting the filmmakers and cast members, and taking into account the story. We haven't seen the films yet, so once screenings start, expectations will change accordingly (sometimes drastically). Movies that may not sound appealing on paper often blossom into visibility, based on great word of mouth; expect films that are not currently on our radar to suddenly leap to the top.

Cinematical will be covering as many films as humanly possible, so look for a flood of reviews to begin as soon as the festival opens this Thursday, January 20. We'll also be maintaining a list of films that have secured distribution deals, which includes several that have been made ahead of the festival.

What tops our list of "most likely"?