Dustin Hoffman in Volkswagen ad

Stars in Rewind is a feature that looks at what our favorite movie stars were doing before they were our favorite movie stars. You can find it here every other Monday.

Veteran actor Dustin Hoffman has been a distinctive and perennially welcome persona in movies for the past 40-something years, most recently appearing as Ben Stiller's dad in big-budget comedy 'Little Fockers' and as Paul Giamatti's father in the deeper dramedy 'Barney's Version.'

But once upon a time (the '60s), Mr. Hoffman was struggling like most young actors, and so he supplemented his undoubtedly meager income by appearing in a TV commercial. What's interesting about this 1966 ad for Volkswagen is that it was made right before Hoffman shot to stardom in 'The Graduate.' His Volkwagen pitchman isn't that far removed from the movie's Benjamin Braddock character, which is to say, it's classic Hoffman.