Before she dazzled us in her first big-screen role opposite Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon in 'True Grit,' Critic's Choice Award winner (for Best Young Actress) and potential Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld starred in this pretty adorable short film called 'She's a Fox.'

In the short, written and directed by Cameron Sawyer (based on a story from his own childhood), Steinfeld plays Talia Alden, the girl at school who every little dude wants to be with. Unfortunately for Cameron Sawyer (Jake Nutty), his dream girl is already dating, like, the coolest guy at school, and so he'll have to find some way to win her affection or risk missing an opportunity to be with the one and only girl he's ever loved.

While it's a little rough around the edges in spots, 'She's a Fox' does a good job of capturing those awkward elementary school years when all of a sudden the opposite sex becomes a major priority. Steinfeld doesn't get to do much, but fans of cheesy late-80s throwbacks and 'Wonder Years'-esque movies (complete with voiceover narration, awesome mullets and roller skating rink romance) should get a kick out of this one. Watch it after the jump.
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