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When Joel Schumacher's 'Falling Down' debuted back in the early '90s, it immediately sparked controversy regarding its stereotypical portrayal of minorities and other groups. Amongst the most outraged was the Korean American Coalition -- who were angered over the film's unflattering portrayal of a Korean grocer. The controversy got so intense that Warner Bros. eventually pulled the film in South Korea.

Michael Douglas'
character is a white, divorced, down on his luck, former defense engineer who snaps under pressure -- violently making his way across L.A. in time for his estranged daughter's birthday. If you can look past the most superficial actions of Douglas' character, there's an all-too-real sense of despair and sadness that permeates the story -- but it's not without a peppering of caustic humor throughout.
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Falling Down
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A middle-aged man dealing with both unemployment and divorce, William Foster (Michael Douglas) is having... Read More