Last week we brought you the news that 'Oldboy' filmmaker Park Chan-Wook has completed work on a short film that was shot entirely on an iPhone 4. The short, which is called 'Paranmanjang' (or 'Night Fishing,' for the handful of you who don't speak fluent Korean), is a macabre fable about a fisherman who snags an unusual catch on his line, although this being a Park Chan-Wook film, the "Unusual catch" is actually the corpse of a young woman, and odds are that she's not quite as dead as she looks.

'Paranmanjang' was unsurprisingly sponsored by KT Corp. -- the company that happens to own exclusive distribution rights to the iPhone in Korea -- and it will be premiering in six theaters there in the end of January. Earlier today Park's mini-opus was selected to play in next month's Berlin International Film Festival, but thanks to the folks over at Quiet Earth you can watch both the trailer as well as a nifty behind-the-scenes featurette as soon as you click over the jump. Neither clip is subtitled, but this is one of those exceptionally cool surprises that doesn't really require any translation.
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