There are no locked deals in place for actors or the director (Robert Schwentke) just yet, but according to Collider (and confirmed by THR), Summit is most assuredly moving ahead on a sequel to the quiet hit 'Red.' The tale of aging assassins who can still kick some butt showed some serious legs on its way to a $90+ million domestic haul, which explains why the studio has rehired screenwriters Eric and Jon Hoeber for sequel duty.

Based on the comic book by Warren Ellis, 'Red' seems like a multi-demographic no-brainer. It's got smart "old" folks, a sexy but very competent woman in Mary-Louise Parker, enough action to please younger fans who have no idea why Helen Mirren and John Malkovich are so cool, a nice batch of character-based humor -- and Bruce Willis being a bad-ass. We say wrap the whole damn team up for two more sequels!

More on the 'Red' follow-up when it becomes available.
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