-- Darth Vader's other son from another mother [via GeekTyrant]

-- A simple post on the official Tumblr for Rian Johnson's time travel movie 'Looper' has revealed that 'Primer' director/star Shane Carruth is involved with the film, though the definition of that involvement is unclear.

-- Robert Downey Jr. will voice the genius dog Mr. Peabody in a newly announced'Peabody and Sherman' film for DreamWorks Animated. The first concept image of what this generation's time travelling pooch will look like should hit Entertainment Weekly next week.

-- 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' producer Tim Johnson revealed in an interview with Italian website Badtaste.it [via Collider] that, though the film has been greenlit for 2013, they're a long way from agreeing on the film's new setting or characters, which means the sequel will have to enter a quick turnaround (by animation standards) to make its deadline.

-- Official costume merchandise for 'Captain America' gives yet another look at the hero and his nemesis, Red Skull.
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