Later this week Cinematical will be landing in Park City, Utah, primarily to cover the Sundance Film Festival. But while there, we hope to check out some of the films screening at Slamdance, as well. Let's not forget that the smaller fest has hosted the debut features of Christopher Nolan ('Following') and Marc Forster ('Loungers') and the popular documentaries 'The King of Kong' and 'Mad Hot Ballroom.' So we're curious to see what or who will be the next big Slamdance discovery.

We've already previewed'Atrocious,' the Mexican found-footage-style horror flick that sounds like this year's 'Paranormal Activity' (which was shown at Slamdance three years ago). Now we've got ten more Slamdance titles to spotlight, all of which we think sound and look pretty interesting. Where available, we've included trailers.