If you utter the words downsizing or restructuring in today's climate, you're bound to send someone around you reeling. Even though our cruddy economy made it harder to green light new films, it actually drove theater sales -- thanks in part to 3D being so expensive. A little escapism to help us forget that times are tough never hurt anyone, however, cinema that actually delves into the anxiety of rough socioeconomic times often has valuable lessons to share. For the six-figure suits who get laid off in 'The Company Men' -- which hits theaters this Friday (check out Erik's review) -- it's about finding your footing when the private jets and VIP country club memberships go bye-bye, and starting from square one. Other movies have taught us how to deal with the despair, poverty, and strife of the depression (past and present). Find out how they can help you tackle these trying times, after the jump (possible spoilers ahead).
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The Company Men
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A young executive at a shipping and manufacturing conglomerate, Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) is on the... Read More

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