Most parents buy movies for their kids to watch. Some parents (like Mr. Will Smith) buy movies for their kids to star in.

That probably sounds a bit harsher than it should, because little Jaden Smith is actually a half-decent performer, so it only makes sense that his little sis Willow (who of course is also fruit from the loins of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett) would have some skills to offer the stage and screen.

Her proud papa is about to bet some cash on that proposition, as Variety reports that the powerfully successful movie star is looking to remake 'Annie' with his baby in the lead. Additional chatter indicates that Jay-Z may be attached in a musical capacity. Mr. Smith is hoping Sony wants to do the deal with his Overbrook production shingle, and Sony is hoping another little Smith can rake in the cash like Jaden's 'Karate Kid' did. (Hell, the next time Jada has a baby they should all instantly green-light a 'Look Who's Talking' remake.)

No word yet on if Mr. Smith will play Daddy Warbucks in the film, but heck, he already does in real life.
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