Movie studios are still afraid to release a potential moneymaker when someone as unpredictable as Mother Nature is involved (plus it's Sundance weekend), which means your new "wide release" options are a new Ivan Reitman comedy, which is allegedly romantic in nature and offers the unlikely pairing of Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman ... and that's about it. "Limited" options include a new Peter Weir film, an ensemble about corporate downsizing, and a kooky-fun action sequel found only at the video stores. (Or VOD.)

'No Strings Attached' -- "Very few romantic comedies manage to subvert the formula -- if ever a genre was akin to comfort food, it's the rom-com -- but that's fine so long as the ingredients are somewhat fresh or charming. 'No Strings Attached' is bland even for comfort food: occasionally pleasing but mostly flat." -- William Goss (full review)

'The Way Back' -- "'The Way Back' brings a lot of talent and a tremendous amount of craft to a movie that will be too painful for most people to endure. There is nothing reassuring about it; no triumph-of-the-human-spirit comfort." -- Eugene Novikov (full review)
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