Russell BrandSome comic actors like to charm you with their subtle wit; Russell Brand prefers to grab you by the collar, slap you across the face, say something funny, and demand that you laugh. And it works! Brand's aggressive style of humor isn't for everyone, but his roles in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and 'Get Him to the Greek' as perpetually stoned musician Aldous Snow have thrust him into public consciousness, as well as a high-flung orbit around Hollywood. We'll be seeing him in the 'Arthur' remake (pictured) in April; from drugs to drink, who says that he isn't versatile? And now there's a chance that he'll be returning to his musical roots, so to speak, in the screen version of 'Rock of Ages,' a Broadway musical.

Brand first came to fame in the UK as a comedian who freely acknowledged (and riffed upon) his addiction to heroin and his alcoholism. With his willingness to court controversy, his relationship with Katy Perry and his outrageous humor, Brand is a natural to play musical types. According to Deadline, he's "circling" the role of Lonnie, the manager of an 80s club. If he takes on the job for director Adam Shankman, with whom he worked on 'Bedtime Stories,' Brand would potentially be joining Tom Cruise (as an over-the-top rock star) and Alec Baldwin (as the club's owner).
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