There are a few John C. Reilly movies in Park City this year, but I'm certain the best is the Slamdance documentary 'Superheroes,' a humorous and well-rounded look at the current national phenomenon of real life superheroes. Technically, Reilly is not actually in the film, but there is a hilarious Orlando-based crime fighter named "Master Legend" who I wouldn't be surprised to learn is actually just the actor doing one of his oddball characters. The guy, a self-proclaimed superhero since the age of 7, is like Steve Brule in an armored costume who seems to spend more time hitting on young ladies and drinking beer out of his van than actually fighting crime.

As you can imagine, many of the real life superheroes (RLSH) are totally ridiculous and potentially insane, but they are all apparently very nice guys and girls -- even those that look like villainous GWAR and ICP fans -- who are trying to do good, positive things, whether thwarting burglaries or bringing food and toiletries to the homeless. And director Michael Barnett treats them with more respect than movies like 'Kick-Ass' and news coverage of recent media sensation Phoenix Jones do.