Yet another division of the Hollywood voting class has made its voice heard, and the word of film producers in general is this: 'The King's Speech' is the best film of 2010 ... or Harvey Weinstein is the film producer of the year. I'm not sure which. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the group also awarded 'Toy Story 3' as Best Animated Film and 'Waiting for "Superman"' as Best Documentary.

Some believe that this win represents a bump in the road of 'The Social Network's' impending Oscar domination, but that seems unlikely. At the very least, it adds a little life to an Oscar season that's been generally bereft of "dark horses."

The guild also gave out some honorary awards to the likes of Scott Rudin, Laura Ziskin, James Cameron and Sean Penn. Also, it seems that PGA Awards host Judd Apatow took numerous opportunities to bash (not joke about) Ricky Gervais and his controversially trenchant performance as Golden Globe host. Read on for a taste of the celebrated comedy writer's withering satire ...
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The King's Speech
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England's Prince Albert (Colin Firth) must ascend the throne as King George VI, but he has a speech impediment.... Read More