'Like Crazy' is a film about the little moments. The ones we remember when we're saying goodbye, or missing an embrace, or losing something we thought (and maybe wished) we had. It's a film of collected moments; of love, happiness, heartbreak, success and failure. It's a film about how it feels to be in love; how beautiful, intense, addictive and debilitating love can be, but how necessary it is for us to experience as we get older and start sorting out our lives.

For his third feature (and second consecutive one in competition at Sundance), writer-director Drake Doremus delivers what will probably go down as one of the best of the fest; an extremely personal, passionate and exceptionally well-crafted story starring Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones as two kids who fall hard for one another, but find their perfect relationship tested when forced apart for long periods at a time. 'Like Crazy' continues the trend of solid, aggressively entertaining relationship movies born out of festivals like 'Blue Valentine' and '500 Days of Summer,' but in my opinion this is the best of the three, and a film you'll need to see when it hits theaters later this year.