Somewhere in the foggier bits of my pre-Sundance planning brain, I remembered reading that there was an Olsen sister -- not one of the twins but a mysterious third sister named Elizabeth -- who had a movie I should check out while I was there called 'Martha Marcy May Marlene.' Fast forward to Thursday night at midnight, the end of my first full day at Sundance, and I was sitting two rows behind Harvey Weinstein at the first screening of 'Silent House.' (You can read my review of 'Silent House' here.)

Although I found 'Silent House' ultimately unsatisfying, I was immediately impressed by the lead actress, who was in nearly every shot from the very first frame. The way she hunched down into herself like an insecure child, her sleepy eyes that would light up at a joke or grow huge with terror as unknown horrors shambled around her, the way she imbued even some of the silliest lines in the movie with a sort of earnestness -- it was damn impressive. That was Elizabeth Olsen.