BieberFever hits Sundance in the form of a flash mob. The ever rising stardom of James Franco gets a fashion boost from a blonde wig ... and sings. Eliza Dushku dons a hat for festin', while Carmen Electra wears white. 'Bones' fans -- and of course, hockey fiends -- can dig into a Luc Robitaille-hosted charity hockey match, with celeb players including Alan Thicke and Andie MadDowell. Danny Glover, Shar Jackson, Kevin Sorbo and more get caught on tape.

Christopher Campbell zipped over to competing fest Slamdance to dig into the documentary 'Superheroes': "There are a few John C. Reilly movies in Park City this year, but I'm certain the best is the Slamdance documentary 'Superheroes,' a humorous and well-rounded look at the current national phenomenon of real life superheroes."

Erik Davis caught Tom McCarthy's 'Win Win' and thought: "'Win Win' succeeds best when it focuses on the 'buddy comedy' moments. Cannavale steals practically every scene he's in, and when Giamatti, Tambor and Cannavale are together on screen, it's unexpected gold."

Peter Martin caught a peek at Slamdance's 'Atrocious,' which transcends any quality worries stemming from its name. "To its credit, the film keeps to a brisk running time, about 75 minutes, and endeavors to avoid overstaying its welcome. Still, we've been in these woods before, so we have a general idea what to expect. ... It's hard to be frightened by things that go bump in the night if you can't feel the bump."

Moviefone is also offering up a whole slew of video interviews from Natalie Portman's MakingOf. Up now: a chat with Peter Dinklage ('Pete Smalls Is Dead').