If my Twitter feed is any indication, approximately 97 percent of the world's population is currently crammed into a small town in the Wasatch Mountains, navigating the 2011 Sundance Film Festival with only buzz as their compass. (If film bloggers were dolphins, hype would be their echolocation.) At this very moment thousands of cinephiles and industry insiders are shuffling up and down Main Street in the hopes that they'll stumble upon the next 'Clerks' or 'Reservoir Dogs.' Sundance can be exceptionally rewarding, but it's just as often a dangerous game of chance, as at any moment Park City, Utah, can suddenly become 'Happy, Texas.'

The festival has been known to put cultural cache before quality, and some cinephiles deride Robert Redford's baby for not being quite as stringently curated as other fests of similar prestige. The lineup would sooner include a slideshow of Zoe Kazan's baby pictures than the latest Jia Zhangke film, and therein lies the silver lining of enjoying Sundance from the sidelines: Thanks to the brave souls who make the trek to Utah, the rest of us are ostensibly spared of everything but the best of the fest. So while most of the Cinematical team is currently queued up for the premiere of 'Hamlet 3,' doing their duty to bring us first word of some future classics, let's sit back and enjoy some guaranteed great moments from some of the best films that Sundance has ever shared with us.

The following is not an all-inclusive list, but the scenes included are in a particular order.