Welcome to Girls on Film -- a Monday-night Cinematical column full of female-centric musing, rants, love and aggravation.

"From watching movies, girls and women come to believe we can only be ornaments, not instruments." - Gloria Steinem in 'Miss Representation'

We love watching films. It's why both you and I are here. It's the reason we read, write and comment about them in public and private forums. It's why we think about them and strive to understand them, if not emulate them in our own work and lives. Cinema transports us out of our own existences and into any number of other worlds. It entertains us and teaches us. It reminds us of our best points, and doesn't let us forget our worst. And, in single-serving 2-ish hour doses, it's the easiest and most convenient way for many people to get their creative fix and add some fictional spice to their lives.

Perhaps this is why we're so protective of it. We enjoy it so, even if we don't want to hear the bad -- especially when it comes to children. When fandom mixes with nostalgia, it's hard to think clearly, to acknowledge that there's something problematic in that film we love so much.

We've discussed it before: To many film fans, there's a distinct lack of great, front-and-center girls for both girls and women to absorb and relate to. But it stretches beyond niche griping. It's a systemic, self-fueling problem that needs to be corrected now.
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