Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has returned once again to Sundance, where he broke out seven years ago with his Grand Jury Prize–winning debut, 'Super Size Me.' His latest is a self-proclaimed "docbuster" titled 'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold' and it's garnering a lot of rave reviews from critics and other festivalgoers out here in Park City.

A film about product placement and cross-promotional tie-ins, which itself is guilty of being filled with product placement and cross-promotional tie-ins, TGMES has been totally funded by companies advertising their brands on screen and, in the case of POM Wonderful juice, an above-the-title sponsorship.

I sat down with Spurlock, who wore a logo-embroidered blazer representing all the film's brand partners, to discuss the new documentary and how non-fiction film relates to the world of corporate branding.