If you're in Park City enjoying Sundance 2011, use this as your handy guide to notable screenings and events popping up in the snowy mountain town. If you're stuck elsewhere, consider this your roadmap for navigating all the indie buzz.

The forecast for Monday, Jan. 24: Park City will be mostly sunny with a high of 31 degrees.

9:00 AM: 'Terri' at Egyptian Theatre

Director Azazel Jacobs uses the awkward awesomeness of John C. Reilly to tell the story of a kid who feels alienated by everyone until he bonds with his vice principal. (No, not in that way.)

9:15 AM: 'Cedar Rapids' at Eccles Theatre
A film about insurance salesmen excited to head to a convention in Cedar Rapids might sound weird, but in the hands of director Miguel Arteta ('Chuck & Buck,' 'The Good Girl,' 'Youth in Revolt'), it's perfectly normal. This is a Reilly-heavy morning. John C. co-stars in this comedy as well, alongside Ed Helms, Sigourney Weaver, Alia Shawkat, Rob Corddry and more.

10:00 AM: Cinema Cafe 4 at Filmmaker Lodge
James Marsh, of this year's highly regarded Sundance doc 'Project Nim,' leads one of the fest's special panels alongside Buck Brannaman.

11:15 AM: 'HERE' at Library Center Theatre
Things get more serious now. Ben Foster stars in this romantic road movie about a satellite-mapping engineer who falls for an ex-pat art photographer while traveling through Armenia. It's a fictional narrative mixed with multimedia, once again proving that Ben Foster isn't the tyke from 'Flash Forward.'